7 Brilliant Tips To Slay A Walk-In Interview


A walk-in interview is a kind of unplanned interview that companies hold to see many candidates at a particular time for an informal meet and greet sessions.

A Walk-In Interview
A walk-in interview mostly happens in career fairs. Employers hold it to know the candidates and narrow them down for a formal interview phase.

It is shorter in time than a formal interview because it works as a kind of initial hiring phase, then employers filter the applicants and choose the most qualified ones for a different stage.

A Walk-In Interview

Tips for handling a walk-in interview:

1- Collect information

It’s essential to know about things like the event’s nature and the company before attending a walk-in-interview.

You can know a lot of information through the event description. It includes hiring details, job requirements, and dress code.

You get a better chance to prepare yourself when you know more details about the day’s system.

Don’t forget to follow the dress code described in the events’ details and search more about the job requirements.

To be more remarkable, read about the company, check its LinkedIn page, visit its website and explore more about its culture.

Ensure that the job description matches your qualifications and search for more information about the job in general. That makes you stand out among all other candidates.

2- Prepare well

Prepare whatever you’re going to need for the interview day a night ahead of it.

You need to pick a suitable outfit, sleep well and get a good breakfast.

If the company doesn’t describe the required outfit in the event details, try to pick something suitable for its culture.

Prepare several copies of your resume, references, get a notebook and a pen.

Don’t forget about updating your resume before getting into the job interview, filter it according to the job requirements, and keep what only goes with the job description.

Get yourself mentally and physically prepared. Remember to calm down; it’s only an interview.

3- Practice answering questions

A walk-in interview is shorter than a normal one, which gives you a smaller space to speak all of your thoughts.

There are common interview questions. For instance, “What did you study?” “Why are you interested in our company?” and “Do you have any previous experience?”

Prepare yourself for those questions. You can also think of a good introduction about yourself to make it short for the interviewer.

Include details about your education, experience, and ambitions in that introduction.

Pay attention to having effective eye contact and body language.

Practice the whole interview on your own, with family or friends.

4- Be patient

Most candidates wait for a long time in a walk-in-interview. The number of applicants is enormous, and people have to wait for their turn.

Don’t get mad because of that and try to relax. Bring a book to read while waiting or listen to your favorite music.

That also helps you calm down before getting into the actual interview. Moreover, you can build good relations with employers and candidates in the waiting hall.

Sometimes, the hiring manager will tell you to come back on another day because there’s no time for taking more candidates. Don’t get angry and accept that politely.

5- Don’t be late

The earlier you arrive, the better chance you get, as it helps you meet with the interviewer as soon as possible.

Additionally, arriving late would make you more nervous and anxious about the interview. Arrive early for the interview place and relax.

Arriving late makes you miss opportunities and might cause you to lose your dream job.

Before it gets crowded, go to the interview place, choose a comfortable spot for waiting and sit down.

6- Stay calm

A walk-in interview might be a new and intimidating idea for many people, but it’s more straightforward than what most candidates think.

Try to calm yourself down by practicing breathing exercises. You can find a lot of them online.

Avoid drinking caffeine, as it increases anxiety levels. A glass of fresh juice would be way better for your health and concentration.

Don’t stay up late on the interview night. Try herbal drinks if you have insomnia.

In addition to that, you can watch your favorite TV show to decrease your nervousness levels or listen to relaxing music.

A Walk-In Interview

7- Leave a good impression

First impressions are essential in a walk-in interview, as you have to stand out among other candidates.

Choose neat and ironed clothes for an appropriate look. Also, pay attention to your posture while sitting down.

Use polite words and take care of your body language. Don’t use a lot of hands while explaining anything to the interviewer.

Read more about the interview etiquette and collect more information.

Try to be significant and different from all other candidates by stating a unique hobby or by being welcoming and friendly.

Listen well to your interviewer and don’t interrupt them. Let them remember how amazing of a candidate you are.

Be confident about yourself and your abilities, but avoid being arrogant. Moreover, thank your interviewer in the end with a friendly smile.