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"Finding better candidates" is the dream of all HR professionals, especially after the turmoil of the business sector due to the spread of the Coronavirus, as companies resorted to cutting costs by laying off employees or hiring remote employees. So, all parties are negatively affected.

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Although most companies adopt the "unstructured interview" approach where recruiters choose their candidates based on feeling, vision, and experience without monitoring data, companies realize the importance of improving their selection strategies to hire the best candidates and create a good employer brand.

Therefore, finding better candidates through a scientific and professional selection process is a must today; These five trends will help you attract the best talent and hire the best candidates.

6 Trends to Find Better Candidates for Your Openings

Update Profiles that Are Better Tailored to Your Needs

Update Profiles that Are Better Tailored to Your Needs
We live in an age of "analysis," so better analysis of people will ensure a better selection process. As a recruiter, you have to find the answer to the following question:

What are the criteria for selecting the highest performing employee?

The more data you collect, the more effective the recruitment process will be to find better candidates.

Furthermore, the reasons why the employee is a "high performer" should be analyzed; Whether he lives near the office, works from home, earns a reasonable salary, or other factors.

Almost all recruiters forget that a key part is "humanizing" their work, especially in large organizations. Don't just rely on tools to collect your data; try using your human sense first.

You can take advantage of the following situation:

A call center conducted recent research to determine why some employees excel as they go beyond the traditional limit of receiving calls and have excellent interpersonal skills. They found that those who achieved distinction live close to the workplace and work part-time. Thus, they set the standard for selecting new employees where profiles (data) are analyzed according to these features without using artificial intelligence tools.

Use Gamified Talent Assessments

Use Gamified Talent Assessments
Job seekers always feel stressed enough that the hassle of looking for a job and attending daily interviews with traditional, repetitive questions make them repeat their answers. Here it is your turn to think outside the box and look for methods to improve the candidate's experience.

You can rely on video job interviews, game-based assessments, and virtual reality tests, among these methods.

 These methods help you enhance the employee's satisfaction and happiness and get the best out of him as he talks about his skills and strengths without getting bored or stressed.

To find samples of these assessment tests, you can check:

Check If the Candidate Culturally Fits Your Company

Check If the Candidate Culturally Fits Your Company
To take your organization to the next level, you must understand how to hire employees for their "personalities," not just their skills.

Hiring someone who can professionally represent your company and adapt to your work environment is the first step towards a successful business, so instead of looking for a "team player," look for a true "leader," and instead of looking for an "experienced" candidate, look for someone with "high learning goals." Try to find a candidate with values that meet your company's values.

Interviewers can be a good judge of cultural fit, and you can also use some testing tools, like CompanyMatch.

Use the Analytics to Evaluate the Interviewers Accuracy

Use the Analytics to Evaluate the Interviewers Accuracy
You can use the interview to evaluate the recruiter as well. Did you know? At Google, the organization conducts tests and analyses to measure the recruiter's decision-making level. Who hires people with higher qualifications is the one who has excellent decision-making skills and becomes one of the company's decision-makers.

Improve Your Pre-selection Process

Improve Your Pre-selection Process
The "pre-selection" stage is an integral part of creating your brand as an employer. It gives candidates a complete picture of the job and what their work will be like, helping them and helping you make the optimal decision that benefits everyone in the long run.

We find that "Harver," for example, has developed innovative recruitment strategies for the "Rituals" organization in the Netherlands. A potential new employee walks around the organization and takes a brief assessment test. This type of testing helps the employee to understand the nature of his work and the organization to understand more about the candidate.

Use Artificial Intelligence Tools

Use Artificial intelligence Tools
One of the best ways to select the best candidates in today's job market is to use AI techniques to automate the hiring process and get the best results while achieving your goals without human bias in no time. The AI becomes more and more popular as it gets a lot of work done quickly while adding value and simplifying the Recruitment process.

These AI tools can be a smart talent platform, job posting platform, chatbot, or applicant tracking system (ATS).

The technology finds and screens successful candidates by integrating their resumes and social media accounts.

You can find many AI tools and ready-to-use templates on the Dr. Job platform to save more time selecting the best employees.


This article briefly discusses six trends for finding better candidates for your job openings. Keep this in mind when posting your next job posting and improve your brand as an employer.