6 Skills to Get a Job Offer from The UAE While Being in Your Country


Nowadays, job seekers think that the best way to build a career is to travel and kickstart a career in Gulf countries, especially the UAE. They see relocating as a vital way to find more profitable opportunities while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

However, traveling to the UAE on a visit visa with no job offer is challenging because you experience a stressful period while being unemployed and spending too much money searching for a job. So, having a job offer before relocating is an effective way to work abroad and achieve job security. How can you get a job offer from companies in the UAE while being in your country?

Let's have a closer look at 6 Skills to Get a Job Offer from The UAE While Being in Your Country.

Master The skill of Researching

Before deciding to work in the UAE, you have to do good research and totally understand its laws and regulations. Then, you can determine if it will be your perfect location to work and live in. Consider both your personal and professional growth.

Master The Skill of Studying the Job Market

Make the best use of the internet to collect as much information as you can about your employment prospects in the UAE. After researching, you may discover that job opportunities in the selected field are not really that successful in your selected industry. In this scenario, you will have to compromise whether shifting either the chosen country or the sector.

Master The Skill of Writing a Job-winning Cover Letter

When you are applying from abroad, you can easily prove your competency to get the job if you know how to write a competitive cover letter that demonstrates your expertise, quantify your achievements, and convey your reasons for relocating. Your cover letter must have a sentence that shows that you're planning to relocate, and you should justify why you want to work in the UAE.

Master The Skill of Tailoring Your Resume

Before applying for any position, review your resume to make a great impression on potential employers. "Location" is the first thing that attracts the recruiter's attention in any candidate's resume.

 If you are searching for a job from another country and you don't have a physical address in your preferred country, you can ask anyone you know in this country (i.e., friends or family siblings) to use his address in your resume. In case you don't know anyone living there, use your real location but mention in your resume that you'll be in the country at a specific time (I'll fly to Dubai next October, for example).

Master The Skill of Networking

Networking is an effective way of getting a job offer from Gulf countries. There are various ways where you can build new relationships with potential workmates or employers. LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms to connect with professionals working in your sector and learn from industry leaders living in your dream country. Sometimes, networking opens the door for very profitable unexpected opportunities. 

In addition to LinkedIn, there are many other forums where you can collect information and widen your knowledge regarding the destination you are heading to.

Master the Skill of Virtual Interviews

No doubt, your efforts will pay off, and you'll be shortlisted for virtual interviews, either by phone or over online virtual conferencing Apps. Bear in mind that virtual interviews are different from face-to-face ones, so you have to be prepared, dress well, sitting in a quiet place, be on time, and research to find how you can ace your interview. Don't forget! You'll indeed be asked, "Why do you consider relocating to another country?"

How to confirm the authenticity of a job offer from the UAE?

Recently, the number of fake offers on the job market has risen exponentially, presumably due to the high numbers of web users. If you get an offer from any company, please concentrate or pay attention to the following to find out whether it is a legitimate offer.

  • Have you attended a virtual interview with the company that sent the offer? Please note that no businesses will send a confirmed offer letter without an interview or any form of assessment.
  • Check the company's mail. If its domain is yahoo or Gmail, it's a fake job offer since companies always use company names in their domains.
  • Scammers will request initial fees before signing the job offer, and this will never happen from trusted recruitment agencies because they already receive their fees from the employer.
To confirm the reliability of your offer,

  • Contact the company directly to discuss the offer with them.
  • Try to find the company's recruiter or HR specialist on LinkedIn.
  • If you find it a fake offer, mark the email sender address as spam and spread the word on social media platforms so that you could warn other candidates who may get deceived
Although finding a job in the UAE while being in the country is challenging, mastering remote job-hunting skills and following a well-planned strategy will land you a job whenever you dream to work. Master the skills listed above to happily receive your job offer from top companies in the UAE.

Best of Luck in your job hunting!

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