6 effective ways to manage uncontrollable email traffic


Checking your email to find bulk of unread messages, then getting distracted and frustrated, then signing out your email. You always try to manage your email traffic, but don’t know where to start from. That’s what happen usually to workers who don’t deal effectively with email traffic. However, responding to emails one by one as soon as they arrive is a tiring mission. Also, not classifying your email according to their importance leads to over-accumulation. These missions take long-time and the un-well-planned process of managing may hamper your productivity, waste your time and money, and overload you with unneeded pressure and anxiety. So, what to do?

  1. Set Inbox rules
  2. Send less to receive less
  3. Put certain times to read and respond to email
  4. Clean up the clutter
  5. Use precise words and control your nerves
  6. Confirm Receipt
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