5 Tips to Get More Work as a Freelancer


If you’ve decided to make a quantum leap in freelancing from casually delivering projects to take on freelance as a full-time job, it’s important to preserve a shiny image of your portfolio and your profile to the eye of prospective clients to get more work.

From there we can establish the understanding of how the resemblance of commitment in full-time jobs and the aspiration of transitioning freelancing to replace the traditional 9-5 grind is profoundly evident.

It could be a contentious topic as to whether freelancing on its own can cover your daily-life expenses, but after doing quick research on top-earning freelancer profiles in the industry, let me tell you that many of those make a six-figure income annually.

If you’re persuaded so far to get your feet wet – These 5 tips will come in handy:

  • Highlight prospective clients - For you as a freelancer to extend your hours of work and the number of projects to accumulate, it’s important to target clients that are most likely to be seeking your services.

  • Enhance your services - If you’re good at one thing that gets you a decent number of projects, consider improving your skills in fields that work hand in hand with the initial service you would offer.

  • Develop irresistible offers - Taking the step to turn freelancing into a full-time job requires confidence and productivity in what you do. Assumingly you have extensive knowledge in a particular field, you can go ahead and create offers that are not out there on the market.

  • Get in touch with fellow freelancers - It’s never a bad idea to unite efforts and abilities with other freelancers to offer a hefty full package – consider the idea of combining your services with others that of fellow freelancers.

  • Take good care of your feedback - I can’t stress enough how vital feedback is to you as a freelancer, there’s a thin line between success and tragedy for freelancers in the type of feedback they receive.
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