5 Things Employers Should Never Do In Professional Messaging


Have you ever faced a problem in communicating with candidates? Is e-mailing too complicated for both of you? Do you ever wait for their reply, but they never even notice their received e-mails?

Drjobpro has the solution for you. We introduce you to a new creative feature, which is messaging between employers and candidates. You can easily pick any candidate you want to communicate with and send them a message through Drjobpro.com. They also can reply to you through this professional method. Forget about facing communication problems anymore.

To make this experience more efficient, here are some things you should never do or mention as an employer when messaging a candidate.

1- Mentioning Personal information

A professional employer shouldn’t ever talk too much when contacting a candidate or tell personal details. Try to be concise as much as possible and make your message to the point. If there is much quantity of information, try to make it organized. Avoid writing long paragraphs. Please make your message clear and short as much as possible.

2- Sending a message by mistake

We understand that hundreds of candidates apply for your job offer, but sending a message by mistake is still a problem. When you reach out to the wrong person, you may give them false hope for the job or inaccurate information. Your job is critical, and your company depends on you. That may also negatively impact your work-place image, as candidates may think that you’re not professional enough.

3- Ignoring a candidate’s inquiry

Even if you’re not going to choose this person, it’s not nice to ignore their inquiry about something. People know about your company through you, so try to be a decent representative of it. We acknowledge that you receive hundreds of messages every day, but please try to respond to them all. You can list them according to their importance or sort them based on the types of inquiries.

4- Making a mistake in spelling the name

People, in general, feel offended by spelling their names wrong. Candidates would also feel like you don’t care enough to check their profiles. That would give a wrong impression about the job offer and the company as a whole. Checking a candidate’s name won’t take that much time or effort, but it affects the quality of your work.

5- Not replying back

Sometimes employers promise candidates to contact them directly after some time, but they don’t. Even if you picked another person for the job, not replying to the candidate would make them feel bad and unappreciated. Please put yourself in their shoes and try to be considerate. You may even once have been an applicant before getting your current position.

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