5 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree in 2021


Have you ever had the thought of jumping right on the job-seeking train to find the high-paying dream job without going into the process of acquiring a college degree? 

Well, you’re not the only one to set your eyes on a career path without a prior college degree to pave it – That’s why numerous jobs in the world will hire you even without college degrees.

Most of these jobs acquire more of a practical nature to their tasks rather than the office work and assets management such as Repairs and Maintenance, Operation of machines, and face-to-face interaction with customers.

As far as we’re concerned in this article, these jobs are in demand and are considered a high-paying job compared to other jobs that require a degree before you can start.

Even though jobs in this manner don’t ask you to fill in the qualification section in your resume when applying – Some of them require you to have finished your secondary school education.

There’s also a possibility of training programs and courses you might be asked by the hiring company to take, for you to start working. 

The following list features five jobs of the highest paying jobs without the need for a college degree in 2021 (Location Dependent):

  1. Restaurant Cook – With a median salary of $29,000 it’s the go-to job for food and cooking enthusiasts.  

  2. Maintenance Worker – Maintenance Workers can have the opportunity to learn the skills they need on the job with a median salary of $39,000

  3. Fitness Instructor – Jobs like this would require a fitness junkie and enthusiast to take on the job and become an outstanding personal trainer. To get a job in this field might be subject to professional training and certification from a reliable fitness company. The median salary is around $30,000. 

  4. Plumber – This type of skill is still in-demand up to this day, you could ultimately become a certified Plumber with a median salary of $50,000.

    People looking to work as a professional Plumber can do so by applying for apprenticeships in companies that offer them depending on the country in which you will be working.

  5. Wind Turbine Technician – With the world shifting to renewable energy sources, you could land a job as a WTT with a median salary of $49,000. 
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