5 Hacks to a simple freelance life


Freelancing could be a daunting task and extremely demanding at times. While, working for a company one has set hours of work, but working independently doesn’t have any set hours or timings. Not having specific hours for work could be tiring. So, to strike a work-life balance, here are some easy-peasy tips that will not only help you organise your work, but will also cut down on clutter. 

  • Prioritize - Prioritising work is very important. It helps in finishing the projects in time. Also, while dealing with multiple clients it helps in organising your work. 
  • Estimate time – Always ask for deadlines and calculate the time. Estimating time before starting off the work will help to finish it in time. Time estimation should also be shared with the client as well so that both the parties can track the work progress. 
  • Define hours and use tools – There is no need to stay glued to your screen all the time. Fix work timings, don’t fool around during work hours. 
  • Take a break- Working at a stretch is not advisable.  Taking short coffee/tea breaks helps in bringing back the lost energy. 
  • Don't undersell your services – Never undersell your services. This mantra will always come handy. One has to remember that quality services come for a price. 
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