5 Easy steps to become a freelancer


We all work for companies, but there are some who want to be their own boss and work at their own pace. Having said that it is not easy to be a freelancer, it may give you’re the freedom to choose your projects, your clients and your timings, but at the same time striking work-life balance could be difficult. 
We have got some great tips to help you be a successful freelancer in just 5 steps. 

  • Set your career goals – First things first, set goals for yourself. What you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. 
  • Find a reliable freelancing website - To get projects, find a reliable freelancing website. There are many top websites in the market that offer an online platform to connect with the project owners. One of such websites is freelance.drJobs.ae that can get you projects in a jiffy and also an online space to work on your projects. 
  • Set your ideal rates- You know what price your services come for. Never underestimate your work. Always remember quality services come for a price. 
  • Find freelance jobs - To keep getting projects to stay connected to the circle. Social networking is important, don’t hesitate to a striking conversation with relevant people. After all, it’s for your own good. 
  • Market yourself - Every time you finish an assignment just ask for reviews. Publish your reviews or testimonials on social space so as to reach more people. 
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