4 Ways to Interview Your Employer and Get the Job


We all are going through challenging times, dreaming of signing the job offer and stressed due to uncertainty.

 Still, during this unpredictable future and the financial crisis, it's not an option to hone our confidence to seize the opportunity and shine among the crowd.

The job seeker not only has to prove that he deserves the role, but he also has to assess the job role and the company. So, he should know how to interview the recruiter as much as the recruiter is interviewing him.

Utilize Coffee Talks

One-to-one interactions play a significant role in researching the company before the interview. Try to reach current or former employees working in your potential company, invite them for coffee talk, and try to collect as much information as you can about the company culture, environment, and growth opportunities. Meeting these employees will also help you understand more about the employees' attitudes and personalities and evaluate the company environment to know if it supports employees' development and applies its policies strictly.

Use LinkedIn to find current and former employees and invite them for a coffee or phone call. Be clear about your purposes, and their answer will significantly help you.

Only keep the following things in mind: (1) don't mention something to current workers that you don't want the recruiting manager or your future employer to know, and (2) follow up with an appreciation for the experiences resources that people share with you.

Get Real Review

Can't gain information directly from employees? You can find real reviews on the internet due to the variety of company profiles on job platforms like Drjob. Some websites are now totally specialized in collecting information about companies' gender preferences, salary ranges, work environment, and office policy.

Bear in mind that these reviews may not be accurate on all platforms. However: most people who leave reviews are either so satisfied or so annoyed.

Some of these platforms also make money marketing company profiles that help businesses highlight how great working with them can be. It isn't easy to differentiate between these PR-promoted profiles and real employee ratings.

Understand the job position

Be smart! Working in a spacious building with the latest technologies will do nothing when you have a very stressful job with endless tasks. Many professionals had joined companies due to their reputations. Then they discovered that the company neglects its effort and role in achieving the bigger goal.

You love launching marketing campaigns, but you hate numbers? Getting a finance department job in your dream company will not satisfy you. It'll kill you. Getting a job that matches your skills and qualifications will make you more productive, enjoying a successful career life.

Get a transparent answer regarding the daily tasks, responsibilities, and skills required for the job you're interviewing for. What if you can't get a clear response from the recruiting manager to those kinds of questions? Then, this is enough.

Know the company culture

Just as having a good sense of the job is essential to the interview process, so is getting to know the business's culture.

Bear in mind the culture is somewhat different from the vision or mission behind the job.

Try to gain as much information as you can about the company culture by asking questions like how the company measures success? Do employees work from home? How do employees communicate with each other's and with their managers?

It's your task as a job-seeker to hone your skills, qualifications, and experience for the sake of your future success. Use these interview tips to shine among the crowd and get a permanent job that lasts for years, not just a few months.