4 Way to Deal with Annoying Coworkers While Working Remotely


Working from home is stressful enough without dealing with the people who make you go nuts. Getting annoyed by distracting colleagues will throw you off your game by making it almost difficult to concentrate on your required tasks.

That's why it's so crucial to understanding how to talk with difficult colleagues.

An annoying coworker is a word that describes a person who is a loud talker, Gossiper, Constant socializer, Weekend warrior, Over-sharer, Suck-up, political agitator, overworked martyr, or know-it-all. No doubt you've dealt with one of them, if not more, before in your office.

Depending on your traditional ways to overcome getting nervous due to these kinds of personalities, you may be able to avoid some of those annoying coworkers and concentrate on your work.

Still, some characters are annoying enough to get even on the best employees' nerves and make them feel exhausted and demotivated. Drjob has identified some tricks to deal with annoying coworkers to relieve the work's stress.

Why annoying colleagues irritate you?

  • They are incredibly annoying to the extent that you get trapped by tension while meeting them so that you couldn't pass over small issues.
  • Staying home most of the time makes it challenging to socialize and meet your coworkers, so your depressive emotions substantially affect your understanding of work than your real-life experience with people.
  • You're feeling hopeless toward everything that goes around you (lockdown, pandemic, people losing jobs, and economic recession), so this hopeless feeling has its adverse effects on your work relationships. 

Here are a few tips for managing your work relationships successfully.

Think About The Circumstances

Now and especially after the pandemic, people are grappling with a range of problems that negatively affect work performance. Workmates struggle with issues such as remote school learning, sickness, and partners losing their jobs. Besides, the loneliness of working from home is taking its psychological burden on many individuals.

So, before taking any action that may leave a bad impression, ask your colleague about his reasons for taking this action. Give him a call and understand his motives. Treat people like you want to be treated. Sometimes, you'll discover that your workmate is struggling with personal issues that affect his behavior. Even if he has no challenges, dealing with respect and get in touch will make his annoying actions less irritating.

Understand First

Most of the problem is that you don't understand the reasons behind the annoying coworker's action. So, don't give any reaction before asking politely about the reasons. Don't be offensive with your question. "Could you please tell me why you did …?" will work correctly.

Understanding "why" will let you fully recognize the positive results that this action may have on your coworkers or your tasks. This will alter your behavior judgment and also make things look less irritating.

By doing this, you maintain a win-win situation. You've avoided the reasons for getting irritated next time, and you may help your coworker to be more productive by offering other vital ways to accomplish his tasks and achieve his goals.

Explain Tasks Clearly

Dissatisfaction with coworkers can go back to their practices that compromise your efficiency. They can deliver low-quality results, submit work with mistakes, or lacking essential points. If you've no authority to manage, it can be challenging for you to detect these issues and resolve the challenges yourself.

Receiving your work done correctly will help you make sure that you'll deliver your assigned tasks on time with no errors. Suppose you keep accepting inappropriate work quality or results with many mistakes. In that case, you are implicitly showing that you'll do both your work and your coworker's work, which will respectively affect your performance, success, and overall career development.

Ask directly for what you exactly need, set clear deadlines, and follow up before them to receive on-time. If it happens and you need some edits from your colleague, ask him to do. Don't take the burden of doing your work and fixing after others.

Find Things In Common

If you continuously face difficulty while dealing with your annoying colleague, try to find something in common and discuss it, even if it's only during your lunch break. This kind of off-work topics adds a friendly touch to the relationships. This also relieves work stress, so you'll not deal rashly with every annoying situation you face.

To wrap things up,

Now, we face many difficulties in a challenging time that we may never have experienced before (Pandemic, losing jobs, and even losing dear ones getting infected by coronavirus), so be kind and stay positive. Put yourself in others' shoes, understand others' reasons, and define the main reasons for getting annoyed by a person to find a solution. It may be your fault, not his.

Do you find these 4 Way to Deal with Annoying Coworkers While Working Remotely practical? Do you have any other tips that would help others in the same situation? Share in the comments below your suggestions.

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