4 Traits HR Managers Look for in Leaders


Any employee can sit on a desk and delegate tasks, but to be an effective leader, you have to do more than that. Real leaders have significant impacts not only on people around them but also on their company as a whole. Employees who work under great leaders are happier, more productive, and more engaged in their companies – and this adds a great value to their positions, which will alternately impact their companies' goals.

Career experts agree that the coronavirus's uncertainty times are the best training for employees who want to climb the career ladder.

Here are 4 Traits HR Managers Look for in Leaders.

Solid Soft Skills

According to HR leaders, agility, resilience, and adaptation skills are among the top skills that distinguish employees if they will be promoted to leadership positions. Then come the 5 Cs: creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and confidence.

According to Helen Souness, an HR leader, human resources bosses consider qualities like resilience and problem solving while selecting leaders, and critical quality is the ability to adapt.

She emphasizes that leaders must be technology masters and have teaching skills to teach all the skills they have to their teams.

On The Job Learning

Nowadays, only some of the current employees allocate ample time to reshape their talents to lead the continuously changing job market, so passion and motivation to learn are at the top of the promoting trends.

Consequently, bosses have agreed that freshers or employees who take the initiative to upgrade their skills, learn new things, and participate in in-house training programs will stand out among other candidates for leadership positions.

Cultural Contribution

Belinda Lewis, HR director at IBM, affirms that tech leaders have to consider the next generation of leadership; it's about developing their hard skills and having a closer look at their practices, which distinguishes who the real leader.

From her experience, she finds that having a proven track record of adapting qualities and skills, like emotional intelligence, agility, or a growth mindset to the current business challenges, are the best representatives of leadership ability.

Career Growth

The best leaders know how to develop their skillset to bring more to the table. Hr managers say that a good leader will start adapting his skills to meet the challenging job market. He will take more courses, join more training programs to develop his skills, and stand out among the crowd.

Leaders exert more effort to streamline the company practices through their vision and ideas for growth.

Develop these skills to get your leadership promotion. You have inner powers; it's just a matter of developing them. Maintain agility, resilience, and more to shine as a leader who will help grow your business and career.

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