4 positive signs your interview went well


Appearing for interviews and then waiting for feedback is like appearing for exams and waiting for results. But there are times when the gut feeling says that ‘this time you have made it.’ Besides, the gut feeling there are some tried and tested formulas that can help you evaluate your performance in an interview

  • Your interviewer goes over the allocated time - Longer interviews are usually a good sign. It means that interviewers are taking interest in the conversation and want to know more about you and your skills. 
  • You are asked about your availability - This could be a sign that the interviewer wants to know when can you join. 
  • Company plans & projects are discussed - If the interviewer starts discussing their company plans with you. It could be a sign that they are finding you suitable for the role. 
  • The interviewer gives a specific date for getting back to you - If you get a specific time and date from the interviewer. It means they want to discuss further and it could also be about joining formalities
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