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Did You Know? 75% of freelancers say that they wouldn't trade their freelancing job for other types of work.

Why? What are the reasons behind being so happy to be a "freelancer"? If you're a full-time employee thinking about starting a new "freelance" career but need some motivation.

Dr. Job Pro lists below 12 Reasons Why You Should Freelance While Having a Full-time Job

Dr. Job Pro lists below 12 Reasons Why You Should Freelance While Having a Full-time Job

Freelancers Work On What They Love

As a freelancer, you don't have to do tedious tasks that take your effort while being annoyed. For example, if you are a content writer, you don't have to work on a medical project where you have no experience and don't know what to write. You'll not get interrupted if you're a graphic designer as your manager asks you to design a certificate while working on a brand logo.

You make decisions and decide on what you will work on with no orders. Yet, it's not perfect all the time, there are also daily repetitive tasks you have to do (billing, communications, and administrative duties), but most of your time, you will do what you love only.

Freelancers Select Their Clients

Every day we find employees complaining about their micromanagers, disturbing coworkers, and inability to develop their skills in a toxic work environment.

One of the most appealing aspects of working as a freelancer is the ability to make your own decisions and control your path. Freelancing enables individuals to choose the type of work that best serves their purposes and rewards them.

Freelancers Get Paid for Their Overtime

Remember how often your boss asks you to work extra hours? Bosses treat employees as if they have to stay day and night to get things done. This is not what happens about working as a freelancer. You only work if you're paid and have the full right to pause the delivery of milestones if the client doesn't pay for what's been done. In other words, you work, so you make money.

Freelancers Learn Something New Every Day

Undoubtedly, when you start working as a freelancer, the beginning will be difficult as finding the first client and getting the tasks done professionally to attract more clients. But, over time, the tasks will increase, and you will have more freedom when choosing between projects and clients, and even more so, you can quickly improve your wages over time.

Freelancers usually get paid more than full-time employees due to their financial responsibilities as they pay for tools, medical insurance, vacation, and more. He is responsible for honing his administrative, financial, technical, and other skills. And all of this comes only by possessing exceptional skills, which motivates the freelancer to learn something new every day.

Freelancers Work Whenever They Want

Freelancers can easily achieve the necessary work-life balance as they can choose work turnaround times. Therefore, the freelancer works on his or her own schedule and within the client's set budget, which provides a great deal of flexibility.

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Freelancers Earn More

As a freelancer, you can turn any skill you have into money. All you have to do is create a professional account on Dr. Job Pro and start freelance work from the right starting point. Freelancers don't wait for rewards or compensation; They get paid for every task completed.

Freelancers Have 100% Job Security

As a freelancer, you'll enjoy job stability as no boss repeats every day the phrase "work stands for no one" to make you feel that your presence in the organization doesn't matter. You will be your own boss, so you are responsible for the whole process. However, you are putting more effort into expanding your business and building a solid professional reputation.

Freelancers Are More Confident

When you're the leader, everything changes. People have diverse perceptions of you and approach you differently as a result. You'll also be handling client management, marketing, meetings, and other tasks by yourself, without the assistance of coworkers, supervisors, or others when you work independently, your self-worth by great strides.

Freelancers Have More Career Growth Opportunities

Full-time employees may spend their lives building others' names while working for their bosses. Sometimes, they spend years and years with the same job title and salary. But, on the other hand, freelancers are evolving daily because they build more relationships with clients, learn new things, and earn more income so that they can expand their businesses and start their startups, then their large organizations where they can hire more employees to help them, and earn more money.

Freelancers Are More Productive and Save More Time

In a survey conducted by a global freelance platform, 36% of respondents listed increased productivity as a significant reason to start freelancing. They agreed that home offices make them more productive. They set boundaries and stop distractions, set their own perfect schedule that fits their lifestyle, and use tools alone, so they don't have to wait until a coworker finishes utilizing the printer, for example. This also helps them save more time enjoying their personal life while spending more time with their families.

Freelancers Develop More Interpersonal Skills

Freelancers have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills as they deal with different characters, business sizes, and job requirements compared to full-time employees. So, they develop more soft skills in less time. If an employee grows these skills in 4 years, for example, the freelancer does in one year as dealing with every new client is like starting a new job, he has to understand the client's goals to achieve the best results. So, repeating this process repeatedly results in a unique leading character that can handle different situations smartly.

Freelancers Get Paid for Every Skill They Have

If you are a content writer working for a company, you'll have to write content for social media posts, videos, newsletters, and more. On the other hand, Freelance Content Writers get paid for every piece of content separately, and they agree with the client on milestones and get paid for every milestone separately.

There are countless reasons to work as a freelancer, and the list above is only some of them. And if you want to try independent work as an alternative to your job or an additional option to earn more money,