10 Ways to Move on After Getting Laid Off


Layoff affects all areas of our lives, from emotionally to physically, professionally, and romantically. Many people take being laid off as a personal failure, and depression or even suicidal thoughts may be common. The economic crash that began due to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic created over 3 million layoffs worldwide, with other millions who are expecting to get laid off in 2021.

How do you move on after getting laid off?

This piece offers some insight into the feelings that come with getting laid off. What's more, it also includes advice on what to do to move on after getting laid off.

Process Your Emotions

The first step is to process your emotions and be aware of what you are feeling. It's unusual to feel a mix of multiple emotions at once. Learn what those emotions are and don't feel like you have to suppress them. Avoid making quick decisions in the weeks following your layoff because you're still in a state of heightened emotion, and that could end up hurting your chances for success. Set some attainable goals and establish initiatives based on what happened before your laying off.

Don't be overwhelmed. Being laid off doesn't mean your career is over. You may need to take some time to find the right job, but you don't have to give up on your career.

Determine your financial situation

"How will I pay for my rent or mortgage? How will I pay for my food? Will I be able to pay for my tuition?" These are all things that you might have been thinking about while you are laid off. These questions can be answered by creating a budget to reduce your spending, paring down your expenses, and increasing your income. You will be able to see what your financial situation will look like with more certainty.

Understand that you are not alone in this situation

A layoff is like death; everyone knows it has to happen to someone else. Until your name is on the list, you believe you are immortal. You may be a top performer or thought you were treated differently than the others and was above this kind of unfortunate event. But, in a day, the job reaper gave a visit to your workplace. You're not alone. Almost all employees will experience the same situation. Many had experienced it, think about the advantages because this could be a start that redirects your life into something better.

Think positively

First things first, don't let the loss of your job become the focus. A job is not who you are. It's just something you do to make a living, and it will come and go at some point in your life, but you will be here long after that job is gone. This might sound crazy, but try to see this as an opportunity for you to follow your dreams. You're now free to work on whatever you want and whenever you want. Consider the unemployment benefits.

Happiness is a choice. Your decisions determine whether you will be happy or not.

Update your LinkedIn profile

If you are like most people, finding a new job is your full-time job nowadays. A better idea is to utilize your time and update your LinkedIn profile. This shows that you are active in finding a new position and also demonstrates to any potential employer or hiring manager that you're diligent, organized, and communicative. Add your latest experience, achievements, and new skills that you've developed during your unemployment period.

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Focus on your network

When you get laid off, your network of colleagues and contacts can be a valuable resource. If you act quickly, this network can keep you in the game and give you an edge in landing your next job. If you lose your job with no warning, these networks are immediate support via sympathy and moral support as well as finding a new job.

Start your own business

When you are laid off from your job, you want to try and figure out a way to get your foot back in the door. Chances are, that does not mean looking for a new job. Start your own business is a crucial solution to overcome being unemployed. Even if you do not want to become self-employed and become an entrepreneur, it is essential to get your mindset around this idea that you should have something that keeps you busy when there is no longer a salary. A profitable side project is an excellent way of going about this.

Re-evaluate and refine your career goals

If you've recently been laid off, the most important thing to remember is that this isn't just a career setback. It's an opportunity. Many people become satisfied in their careers and take them for granted. You have the rare opportunity to rethink your goals and have no distractions at work. Instead of being discouraged about being laid off, look at it as a new work opportunity. Your boss only laid you off to eliminate the position, not you as an employee. You still have a lot to offer.

Seek A Consultant (Someone who was in the same boat)

Interacting with someone who understands your situation is one of the hardest parts of being laid off. They know how badly you want to get back to a job and know that finding work might not be as easy as you thought. Yet, they're the best mentors who will help overcome this frustrating period and start a new phase in life.

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Remember, it was your boss's decision, not yours. Don't think of yourself as a failure. Turn this time into an opportunity to reflect on things you can improve. If you feel like you are being blamed for mistakes that you didn't make or your employer may be treating you unfairly, focus on working for a company that will value your skills and efforts.

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