10 Tips to A Successful Job Hunting During Holidays


All job seekers know about the mental toll that job search often takes. Very few of them live the luxurious experience of getting a job quickly. Yet generally, They spend days and nights overthinking and waiting for interview invitations.

Bear in mind that job hunting is challenging, it takes a long time, and rejection is an integral part of that journey. You've to be thick skin and don't let your job hunting spoils your holiday happy times. 

You will make the work hunt a little simpler by using effective strategies to find a new career – and the tips for seeking a new job provided in this article are useful to all job-seekers, from those who are freshly graduated to professionals with long years of experience.

Why is job hunting effective during the holidays?

  • Although businesses face sluggish recruiting around holidays, it doesn't mean they're not hiring. Lack of Competition is one helpful thing on your side. Even if available jobs are rare during vacations, there are even fewer workers applying for new vacancies. You're going to see less competition for a job hunt over the holidays.
  • Your competitors temporarily pause their job hunting on holidays. This paves the way for you to have more interviews. You can easily reach the top with less exerted effort.
  • If you attend an interview during the holidays, you'll get the job because it leaves a good impression on your employer, and it reflects your strong work ethics.
Here are 10 Tips to A Successful Job Hunting During Holidays

Upgrade Your Resume and Cover Letter

You'll find that your resume and cover letter miss many details that may make you the perfect candidate during your job search, so don't waste holiday days and update them now.

This will save more time and stress and will make you stand out over the crowd.

List your recent certificates, and update your last work experience through that part-time job you did. List every achievement you did in figures, including sales target, profits, etc. utilize the power of numbers to attract the employer's attention.

 You can also update your LinkedIn profile, create a portfolio, or work more for your personal brand on social media platforms.

Set Your Job Hunting Strategy

After updating your resume and cover letter, define your career goals, ask yourself questions like where I want to work? What do I want to achieve? How can I join this company?

Then, visit your potential employers' company websites to check if they have any available vacancies that meet your qualifications. If you couldn't find one, browse the available vacancies, and analyze their job descriptions. Take notes, and start working to meet their needs: take courses, learn new skills, join internships… do what qualify you.

Turn Part-time Jobs into Your Account

For some employers, part-time employees are essentials, especially during holidays. Some industries looking for hiring more candidates on a part-time basis include retail, food and beverage, hospitality, and tourism.

Take advantage of these jobs to work in your free time, and while searching for a full-time job, you will learn new skills, gain more work experience, and if you exert your best effort, you can easily turn this part-time job into a full-time one. Most employers prefer to hire whom they already know.

Utilize Holiday Gatherings Professionally

You may be stressed enough and don't want to meet people or attend parties during the holidays. However, holidays are an ideal option for getting a job ... How? At these parties, you'll meet new people and build more relationships. Holiday parties are a great time to make more connections with people. 

You also can spread the word during these events that you are searching for a job. You don't know who will recommend you. Your dream job may come from these gatherings.

Volunteering Is A Key

Do good, and good will come to you. When you volunteer, you show your sense of involvement, support the community and those in need. During holidays, most CEOs and hiring managers attend charity events and other public holiday events. It will be a cost-effective option to meet them there.

So, when you volunteer, you'll build a professional network, develop more valuable skills, and gain more work experience. To know where to volunteer, you can check the list of the events that companies sponsored in previous years.

The holiday is a great way to connect with others and to strengthen and enlarge your network.

Send Holiday Cards

Take advantage of the holiday cards to get in touch with your current network. You can also send to your potential employers or hiring managers or recruiters who already interviewed you before. This will keep you on their radar if they have a current available vacancy, or they may shortlist you for a future job opening.

You can also take these cards as a marketing tool and attach your business card (with contact details and LinkedIn URL), informing them that you are looking for a job.

Renew Your Old Relationships

If you're working and looking for a new opportunity or are unemployed looking for a job, you can schedule some holiday meetings to get in touch with your old acquaintances. It will be perfect for celebrating the holiday days and informing others that you're on a job searching journey.

You don't know, maybe one of them is a recruiter or started his own business so he can hire you if you're qualified.

Check Online Job Boards

Companies are hiring during holidays. They don't stop reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and shortlisting candidates. If you check job marketplaces like Drjob, you'll find thousands of the latest updated full or part-time job openings. Ensure that you check Drjob daily to be among the first 50 applicants to raise your opportunity to get a job.

Remember! Many candidates slow down their job searching during holidays, which opens the doors for you to get more interview invitations. You can also take advantage of these job portals to browse and take notes regarding your dream job requirements to work for meeting your potential employer needs.

Hiring never stops. It is always on-demand if a company finds that it needs urgent hiring for a new employee to replace an employee who will leave, they will not wait until the holiday ends. Consequently, if you are ready to apply, you'll get a great job.

Don't lose a golden chance because you think that no one will hire you during the holidays. All the time, even on holidays, there's a chance to get a job.

Schedule Your Industry-related Networking Events

To make the best use of the holiday days, try to find where professionals hold their meeting ups. Before attending these events, define your target and learn from each one you meet. Know more about your industry's latest trends and recognize which skills the job market actually needs.

Prepare an elevator pitch to introduce yourself professionally and express that you're looking for a job. Don't forget your business card to share with them.

Take A New Professional Photo

While attending these events, you can take a new professional photo to add it to your LinkedIn account. Your profile picture on social media is a part of your personal branding. Your opportunities to build more connections correspond to your photo.

Here you have it — consider these tips are your guide to plan your next vacation job hunting to make the most of the opportunities available at this busy time of year. Take advantage of the suggestions given here, and you will start a new career after the coming holiday season. Good luck to you!

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