10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Going Freelance


Freelance careers represent a considerable part of Dr. Job Pro, as we care about the different forms and types of jobs.

Mentioning freelance careers, many people would like to take the step of going for them.

Why do people usually want to freelance?

1- To become their own bosses

If you are a freelancer, everything is up to you. There's no boss to control you, make money off your salary, or tell you to follow specific policies. A lot of people prefer that.

2- Work can get done from anywhere

Your office can be on the beach, among the mountains or even in another country. Those who prefer freedom and traveling would instead do freelance work.

3- Flexible working hours

Freelancers choose when to start and finish their work. No attendance, absence, checking in, or checking out. The day is entirely theirs with its hours and minutes.

That sounds perfect, right?

Surprisingly, the freelance careers world is not that ideal. It has various challenges and obstacles that you should be ready to face during your journey.

Today, we are here to let you explore some of the questions you should ask yourself before going freelance.

1- Which skills do you need to go freelance?

A freelance career requires a particular set of skills so you can be unique. It doesn't need superpowers for sure, but you have to work on yourself continuously.

First, it's better to have various technical skills in your career and related to it. For example, it's great to know some SEO and graphic design information if you're a copywriter. Having more skills get you better opportunities.  

Moreover, soft skills are essential when it comes to freelance work. For example, it's always beneficial for a freelancer to have negotiation skills, sales skills, and presentation skills. Freelancers deal with many clients and business owners, which requires them to have different skills and abilities.

2- Are you okay with working on your own?

Are you okay with giving up on office life? Won't you feel lonely when it's only you, your thoughts, and your laptop?

Many people cannot stand the idea of being or working on their own. It gets them to be depressed, disappointed, and unmotivated.

If you are a person who gets their energy from being around people, freelance is probably going to be hard for you.

On the other hand, there's a variety of alternatives to working from an office. For example, working from co-working spaces, going on work hangouts with friends, or even communicating with other freelancers so you all can work together in the same place.

3- How can you achieve a work-life balance?

Freelance can take so much of your personal life if you don't know how to set boundaries. It's essential to define work time and give your personal life a chance.

Sometimes clients might pressure you to work on your off times. Please say no and set boundaries. Achieving a work-life balance requires an organized person with a plan.

Remember that people aren't born ready to be great freelancers. You can practice and manage to balance work and life well if you're willing enough to do that.

4- Can you manage to be your boss?

Being your boss sounds perfect, but it has its drawbacks and responsibilities. If you don't specify certain times for work, you're going to burn out eventually.

Additionally, being your boss lets you face a lot of paperwork, dealing with clients on your own, and being the manager of your whole business.

Try to make an organized plan to avoid disappointment.

5- Does freelance suit your financial situation?

 Do you have enough savings till you collect good money? Does your family depend on your income? Is it crucial to have a stable salary?

Make sure that your situation suits working as a freelancer. Some people don't think about their situation thoroughly before going freelance.

Freelance has a percentage of risk. Plan well and go ahead.

6- Do you have a good network?

Networking for freelance is extremely important. Freelance careers mainly depend on who you know and how many of them.

It's okay if you don't know many people. Start now and post your work on social media. Get to know more people in your field and talk to employers. Explore more about freelance work and ask experienced friends.

7- Are you mentally ready to give up job security?

Is having an unstable income going to make you freak out? Is your anxiety going to control your mind?

Make sure that working as a freelancer doesn't get on your nerves. Some people can't stand the idea of not having a stable full-time job. Make sure that it's okay for you to be a freelancer.

8- Can you keep your full-time job temporarily?

It's a great idea to keep on with your primary job until you test yourself in the freelance world first. Do not give up on your job without making sure that you fit perfectly as a freelancer.

Make sure that it's okay to have both jobs at the same time without feeling too pressured. That won't make the results of your testing accurate, as you cannot judge freelance correctly while other elements like your primary job pressure you.

9- Do you know where and how to find work?

Did you collect enough information about freelance jobs? Do you know which websites provide the best opportunities? Do you have the skills to market for yourself among clients?

It's okay if you're still confused about that. We have hundreds of freelance job opportunities on Dr. Job pro.

Moreover, our blog has helpful freelance tips for beginners. We've got your back.     

10- Are you committed and motivated enough?

Freelance work needs you always to meet the deadlines, be responsible and committed. Additionally, things seem very difficult to do at the start until you get used to them.

You'll need to get used to your new lifestyle and be patient enough till you meet good results.

Passion isn't enough to start freelance work, as it needs more determination and constancy.