10 Clues It’s Time To Quit Your Job


You probably always tend to give your work a second chance, but there’s a certain point where you have to quit your job.

We on Dr. Job Pro understand that deciding on quitting your job isn’t easy, as it takes a lot of thinking and mental effort.

Here are ten signs that mean that you should quit your job now.

1- You're too comfortable

That might seem strange to say, but being too comfortable at any job isn’t an indicator of success. It reflects that you face no new challenges at your job, which means you don’t develop.

You’re going to get bored of the routine at some point. Get out of your comfort zone, look for new challenges and development.

2- Going to work is a burden for you

If you keep thinking about how much work is too much burden for you, you probably have to quit.

Sometimes we don’t want to wake up for work as we’re so tired, but it’s a red flag when it happens repeatedly.

Not wanting to go to your work every day isn’t something normal. Would you mind rethinking and reconsidering staying at your job?

3- It’s affecting your physical health

 Work is tiring by nature, and it’s okay, but there’s a certain level where you can’t tolerate too much effort.

Your health comes first. If your work is affecting it negatively, there’s no need to go on.

Work is temporary anyway, but health is your most significant investment. If you cannot balance between work and taking care of yourself, please quit your job.

4- It’s damaging your mental health

Mental health is as important as physical health; they are also a reflection of each other.

If your work causes you too much pressure, anxiety or depression, please see a therapist and ask for their opinion.

Some people are not meant to be in specific jobs because it’s too hard for them to stand the nature of these professions.

Sometimes the workplace itself is really toxic and affecting your mental health negatively.

For more information, Drjobpro Survey: 53% Of Employees Agree That A Healthy Work Environment Enhances Performance

5- You don’t fit in there

If the company culture doesn’t suit you or if you feel like you don’t belong there, it’s probably not the perfect fit for you.

Sometimes people feel unaccepted or unwanted at their workplaces for different reasons.

Would you please try to seek more diverse and inclusive environments that accept people with different personalities and cultural backgrounds?

6- Your job goes against your ethics

Everyone has their own set of ethics that they respect and cherish. If your job goes against your ethics, you’ll never be comfortable doing it.

You’re probably ignoring the fact that you feel guilty about doing your job, but deep down, you feel like you need to leave immediately.

Try to negotiate the actions that don’t suit you with your manager to reach a solution. If the discussion doesn’t work, it’s okay to announce your two-week notice and leave.

7- You’re not appreciated

Appreciation isn’t only financial wise, but it also goes for understanding your effort and valuing them.

If you work hard, get high results, and make many accomplishments, you deserve to be noticed by your boss and co-workers.

Human beings love to feel recognized by nature. When their efforts are not appropriately valued, they mostly feel disappointed, and their productivity starts to deteriorate.

8- This isn’t what you want to do

People mostly ignore what they want and go for what’s available instead. Life is too short for spending it on a job you don’t like.

Plan before quitting your job and take baby steps to pursue your dream. Sometimes you want a different career path, complete your studies, or travel abroad to have a new beginning.

Ask yourself about your genuine passion and take a step forward.

9- You have better job opportunities

People mostly are scared to take the risk of leaving their current job to go for a different one, which is understood.

On the other hand, it’s necessary to measure the benefits of your current job and compare them to the other offers.

We know how much you love your company, your co-workers, and your office, but please be more rational about it.

At some point, everybody will leave or get promoted, and you’ll regret saying no to those better job opportunities.

Would you please think well before rejecting a job offer that can improve your life?

10- You ran out of solutions

Quitting your job isn’t a decision that you can take day and night. It requires deep thinking, looking for solutions, and figuring out a way to stay at your current job.

Would you mind trying to find out about the real reasons behind your discomfort at work first? Maybe it’s because you’re going through difficult life situations, perhaps you’re physically or mentally ill, and perhaps you can compromise some things to stay at your job.

Ask for others’ opinions and follow your gut feeling at the same time. Listen to what your heart tells you, but make sure to try your best before giving up on what you already have.

Sometimes you’ll find solutions and alternatives to your current job problems.

Remember that all jobs have positive and negative sides. It’s all about what you can tolerate and what you can’t.

In conclusion,

It’s necessary to quit your job when its cons are more than its pros. Think of the previous clues well and make a wise decision about your career life.

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