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Job Description

Req ID : 1981941

Job Overview:Electrician will be responsible for electrical installation of solar plants. Those facilities include, but are not limited to: ground mount, roof top, commercial, industrial, and utility grade projects. Electrician must be capable of running a crew of 5+ people and must have a thorough understanding of current NEC. The ideal hire will add additional value by making recommendations to improve the design, construction, and maintenance of future projects.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Managing and execute electrical installations for solar projects (ground and roof mount; commercial/industrial and utility scale)
  • Prior solar experience preferred
  • Is a seasoned electrician
  • Has solar electrical power systems experience - min. 3 years
  • Performs preventative and corrective maintenance to the highest quality and safety standards
  • Can perform replacement/installation of hardware/racking, PV modules, inverters, monitoring equipment and any other component within the solar site
  • Has ability to read and comprehend electrical and mechanical schematics, technical manuals, procedures and regulations
  • Has knowledge of and ability to troubleshoot and repair electrical and solar system components (e.g. central and string inverters, transformers, combiner and re-combiner boxes, switchgear, PV modules, data monitoring systems etc.
  • Has knowledge of and ability to perform IV Curve tracing, determine if an issue exists and repair
  • Direct experience with Solar Edge, SMA, central inverters, and Also Energy/PowerTrack is a plus
  • Has experience and proficiency with communications networking for monitoring systems (Modbus, Ethernet, basic networking setup and troubleshooting)
  • Able to adapt to new situations, pitch in where needed, and works well with minimal supervision
  • Can compile detailed inspection reports and communicate findings/recommendations succinctly to other team members
  • Attend preconstruction, turnover and safety meetings with the PM.
  • Layout and manage solar project installation sequence.
  • Install electrical wiring for solar arrays (AC and DC)
  • Maintain company vehicle in good working condition.
  • Maintain clear communications with shop. (IE: daily logs, rosters, SIS, material ordering requests, commissioning reports, close out docs and turn-in complete and accurate records of work performed)
  • Point of contact for owners as well as inspectors. (IE: calling for inspections and activation with the customers.
  • Has an excellent work ethic, good communication and documenting skills
  • Works well in a lean, fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work in outdoors all seasons


  • Must have experience at performing rooftop electrical work, while providing excellent customer service to a wide range of customers.
  • Experience leading a crew is highly desired.
  • Basic understanding of solar PV installation, electrical wiring of AC/DC systems strongly preferred.
  • Able to read, interpret and execute blueprints, specs and electrical riser diagrams.
  • Evaluate, troubleshoot, repair/replace and install electrical items as required.
  • Must have excellent working knowledge of NEC.
  • Manual dexterity and precision required (IE: standing for long periods of time on varying roof surfaces.)
  • In order to be successful in this position, a person needs to be flexible to changing schedules, customer demands, and site conditions as well as being a team player.
  • Top-notch organizational skills as well as a close attention to details required.
  • Must demonstrate ethical behavior
  • Must be able to work unsupervised for extended periods of time.
  • Use various software applications as it pertains to the specific work environment
  • May be required to use ladders at varying heights, specialized equipment (scissor lifts/man lifts etc.), and lift heavy (up to 60 lbs repetitively) and /or awkward items.
  • May be required to work in inclement weather at varying times and places.
  • Must be comfortable working at great heights.
  • Successful candidates must pass a pre-employment drug screen, a criminal background check, and have satisfactory references.
  • Preferred but not required: NABCEP certification, fall protection, ladders / scaffolds, rigging and aerial lift certification.
  • Excellent attendance record and a history of reliability is a must.
  • Good driving record required.
  • High school diploma
  • 5+ year of commercial electrical experience
  • Journeyman license a plus
  • Ability to lift 75 lbs
  • Ability to pass a drug screen and background check

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