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Job Description

Req ID : 1982927

Job Role:

As a Head of strategic Sourcing you will be responsible for handling the company s end to end sourcing operations that primarily includes the right capacity and cost in place. The successful candidate will be able to appraise and improve our sourcing activities by analyzing the company s spending, supplying partnerships and new possibilities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing development of global supplier base, improve supplier relationships including price negotiations.
  • Leading the development and implementation of key sourcing projects for new programs and support the Subsidiaries.
  • Develop yearly and quarterly raw material budgeting and adherence.
  • Monitoring ESG compliance at supplier s end.
  • Deploy Value Engineering Initiatives to sustain & improve business profitability.
  • Drive Supply Chain cost out and schedule improvement initiatives, to ensure achievement of target Material Cost reductions
  • Establish open communication and builds strong interfaces with Product Marketing, PDO, Materials, Quality, Manufacturing& Finance teams
  • Ensures strong adherence to sourcing documentation and policy Review gaps in supplier governance and develop action plans to improve.
  • Monitor market dynamics and leverage commodity indices for pricing negotiations
  • Develop & implement a strategic plan to drive value for the category
  • Provide innovative sourcing solutions by bringing continuous improvement & offering credible alternatives where applicable Reverse Auctioning, E-Buying, B2C.

Requirement and Skills:

  • 20+ years experience preferably from Engineering or automotive industry domain.
  • Proven work experience as a Sourcing head.
  • Familiarity with sourcing and vendor management and relevant software
  • Understanding of market dynamics and sound business judgement
  • Strong project management and leadership skills
  • Ability to negotiate and sustain networking relationships
  • Comfortable with figures and in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data
  • Solid judgement with ability to make good decisions

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